1. Do I need to repeat information that I supplied in the pre-grant application in my grant application answers?

No, you do not need to add information from the pre-grant in the grant application. We will look at both applications when making our decision.


2. Should our grant request reflect the total amount for our project funded only by WHDC, or can it be for a portion of what a particular project costs?

The grant request can be for an amount that will cover the entire expected cost of the project and funded solely by WHDC funds. It can also be for an amount that is part of the total expected cost for which other funding sources will also be contributing in addition to WHDC. The WHDC Project Budget should however, show only the line items that will be paid by WHDC.


3. Can you clarify “capacity building”?

We consider capacity building to be any effort that will strengthen your organization, helping it to fulfill its mission.


4. Can I reapply for more money in the second grant cycle if I have been awarded a grant during the first cycle?

No. Our grants are awarded for a 12-month period, so you have to wait a year to reapply.


5. Can you tell us all the criteria involved in your decision to invite people to apply for grants?

A good portion of our decision-making process is outlined in our Grant-Making procedures. However, part of it, as mentioned at meetings with the community, is at our discretion as we survey the number of applications we receive and our own funding strategy to best benefit the West Harlem community. All pre-grant applicants who were not invited to apply for a grant are welcome to apply again during the next funding cycle when it is announced.


6. Can we be considered for a grant if we are not an IRS 501(c)(3) or a New York State Charities Bureau registered entity?

Yes. If your organization is registered as a non-profit organization and you are awaiting IRS 501(c)(3) determination, you may apply for grant funds via a fiscal conduit or fiscal sponsor of your choosing. We, however, request that all individual artists contact the Harlem Arts Alliance to be considered for funding through the West Harlem Arts Funding Initiative.


7.  I see that you do not make multi-year grants, but I am interested in knowing if it would be possible to apply in January for a grant period that would run from July 2013 through June 2014?

Yes.  Grant awards will be given to projects that are carried out within a 12 month time frame.  This 12 month grant term can overlap grant cycles (years).  The grant project is not required to take 12 months to be completed even though we insist on a 12 month reporting of the progress of the project.


8.  We are a new organization and are concerned that funding will be directed towards more established organizations.  Will this be the case?

WHDC’s strategy is to address the needs of West Harlem through collaborations and capacity enhancements of community based organizations (CBOs) serving West Harlem.  Irrespective of how established an organization, the purpose of the WHDC grant program is to facilitate CBOs’ efforts to meet the needs of West Harlem as identified in the Grant-Making Procedures. All organizations have equal chance to present their best projects to meet WHDC’s stated purpose.


9.  Will WHDC make specific grant allocations to different types of Community Needs that are spelled out in the Grant-Making Procedures?

As we start the WHDC Grant-Making Program in 2013, we have intentionally decided to be open to all proposals that meet any and all of the Community Needs. Therefore, we remain open and have not decided to determine a priority list of the Community Needs. We have not made specific financial allocations for different Community Needs at this time. The WHDC Board reserves the right to change this as we learn from experience and responses.


10.  I would like to arrange a meeting to better understand what type of proposal to submit for funding consideration.  Would this be possible?

To be fair and transparent, we do not encourage private meetings to discuss ideas ahead of potential grant applications. We shall answer all questions sent to us via e-mail.


11.  The work of our organization involves more than one of the Community-Need Categories. Should we check all that apply on the pre-grant application?

Check the community-need category that best represents the scope of the project rather than what the organization does.  If more than one category still applies, check all that apply.


12.  We have more than one project for which we would like to be considered for funding. Will you consider funding more than one project for one organization?

We plan to fund as many projects as we can to benefit West Harlem.  Obviously resources are limited so we encourage organizations to submit their best project with the best chance of being funded according to the mission of WHDC. It is not likely that WHDC will fund more than one project in one year for one organization. The organization can certainly apply in successive years with different projects assuming prior granted projects have been successfully completed.


13.  Our project will require more than the maximum grant amount of $350,000.  Can this be considered if we justify the project costs and its effectiveness at addressing a community need?

The Board of WHDC reserves the right to determine the maximum and minimum grant awards per grantee per year at any time. At the moment the maximum is $350,000 per project, per grantee, per year. Like all grant awards, the final award approved by the Board to one grantee may be lower than applied for.


14.  We would like to renovate a space.  Is that considered “construction of buildings” and therefore cannot be considered for funding?

Yes. Leasehold improvements, building acquisition, and renovations come under construction that is currently not funded under the WHDC Grant-Making Program.


15.  How does WHDC address affordable-housing needs?

There will be a separate funding stream for an Affordable Housing Program that will be launched by WHDC. Please stay in touch with us via our website to find out when this happens.


16.  Does the WHDC fund start-up organizations and projects?

Generally no, unless the start-up organization or project is modeled after a preexisting program elsewhere and success can be documented.


17. I would like to apply for a grant and I will be using a fiscal sponsor. Can my fiscal sponsor also apply for a grant?

Applications from a fiscal sponsor and an organization represented by the same fiscal sponsor can be considered if the fiscal sponsor has not received a grant from WHDC within 12 months.


18. We are a small branch of a larger non-profit.  What financials do I use when filling out the Organizational Financial Overview document? The financials from the larger non-profit or our branch?

If your branch is responsible for raising its’ own revenue, then use financials for the branch. If otherwise, use the financials for the larger non-profit.


19. Would you consider funding for a non-profit organization located near but not in MCD9?

Yes. Your organization does not have to be based in MCD9. Your organization, however, will need to demonstrate the ability to engage, serve and track outcomes for MCD9 residents.

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